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Stand up paddle workshop in Nieuwkoop 

Paddle boarding is good for body and soul. In a sup workshop you learn the basics skills of supping. The right technique is important to get ahead as efficiently as possible.
It is also important to know how to brake and make turns. At a sup workshop you will experience during supping that sportiness and fun can be perfectly combined. You get to know each other in a different way during supping.
The duration of a workshop is approximately 1.5 to 2 hours. During the clinic we also make a nice trip through the narrow ditches of the Nieuwkoopse Plassen . Good weather or bad weather can always be supplemented, because we also rent out. wetsuits.
Wetsuits keep your body at the right temperature, so there is no reason not to go. In addition, we also have waterproof bags for paddle boarding, so that you can take things with you. In addition, there are also suplessons  on set days.

Learn how to SUP

During a sup workshop you will learn the right techniques. What are important elements during supping is your posture and the way in which you hold the suppaddle.
If you do not have a swimming diploma, then of course you have to wear a life jacket. We will explain the basic skills on the water side in advance.
A supervisor will always accompany them to ensure that these basic skills are properly implemented. Important things to take with you before and after supping are:

  • Towel: So that you can dry wonderfully after supplying.
  • Dry clothing: After supplying, it is nice to be able to wear dry clothes again
  • Cap or glasses: Especially when the weather is nice you want to be protected as much as possible from the sun.
  • Glasses strap: If you wear glasses, it is wise to have a glasses strap, so you don’t lose it quickly when falling.
  • Sunburn: In sunny weather you can burn quickly on the water.
  • Drinking: At hot temperatures it is wise to drink a lot, so always bring a bottle of drink.
  • Drybag: In a drybag you can take various items with you during supping.

Organize SUP workshop

Paddle boarding is not only for individuals, but also a perfect joint trip for:

  • Company outings
  • Team outings
  • Friends outings
  • Family outings
  • Children’s parties
  • Bachelor parties

Stand Up Paddling and canoeing are fun sporting activities for a company outing, birthdays, bachelor party and family party. If you like the sup workshop, we also offer supboard.
These sup boards can be seen on our sup webshop . View all our activities on our website. There may also be a electric boat, canoe and / or kayak can be rented.

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