Group packages

Noorden (municipality of Nieuwkoop)

At Nikano (Noorden) we provide collaboration with Cafe de Klinker, team outings, company outings, family outings, children’s parties and bachelor parties.
You can enjoy before or after the activities a drink, snack and food. The group packages are meant for two or more people.
The packages are set together with Cafe de Klinker. The packages are a perfect addition for company outings, team outings, family outings, children’s parties and bachelor parties. The nice thing about group packages is that there is something for everyone. Just like what we offer with our boat rental with canoes, supping and sailing makes this a perfect combination for everyone. For someone who wants to be active or for someone who wants to quietly enjoy while sailing. We have listed the benefits of a group arrangement.

  • Together: You are working together and you get to know everyone in a different way again.
  • Food: You can eat together before and after the activities.
  • Drinking: The same also applies to drinking, this can also be done before and after the activities.
  • Group discount: Some arrangements include a group discount.
  • Large groups: There is enough space for large groups


In Roelofarendsveen we only provide group outings for companies, family, friends and children’s parties.


Get to know each other in a different way and also enjoy yourself optimally. The natural and also activities can be enjoyed.
Our activities such as kanoen , suppen and sailing can be perfectly combined with each other and with our group arrangement. View here under the options.

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After the group activity you can go to Cafe de Klinker for a delicious barbecue.

Picnic basket on the water

For the trip we have filled a picnic basket with Cafe de Klinker.

High Tea

After or before the group activity you can enjoy a High Tea at Cafe de Klinker. This consists of a selection of sweet and savory treats with unlimited tea drinking.