Sailing routes

Various shipping routes have been set out in Nieuwkoop and Roelofarendsveen. In Noorden (Gem. Nieuwkoop) the Red route starts for both whisper boats, canoes and sup. The Tulip Route is plotted at our other location in Roelofarendsveen and is suitable for kayaks and sups.

Sailing routes Nieuwkoop

Red route

The Red Route is the route of “Rest, Space and Reed”. The route is located on the north side of the Noordeinderplas and has a length of approximately 8.5 kilometers. A large part of this route goes through the small ditches of the Nieuwkoopse Plassen. This is one of the most beautiful nature reserves of the Nieuwkoopse Plassen. Because of the variety of beautiful plants, flowers and various head types, such as the purple heron and the curlew etc. The route can be combined with the yellow route.

Yellow Route

The Yellow Route is the route of “Between Village, Rietland and Meadow”. The route is located on the south side of the Noordeinderplas and also has a length of approximately 8.5 kilometers. The route goes through municipal shipping where you can see the village tower and along the bank you often see long sticks of eel traps from various professional fishermen. Then you go into the peat area, the vegetation here consists of scrub, low trees, including pine and honeysuckle and striking plants such as the royal fern, dottera flower and cuckoo flower. The undergrowth is popular with songbirds and the meadow area to include the godwit, curlew and lapwing. If you want to see the whole area, you can combine the red and yellow route.


Sailing routes for Electro boats

For the Electro boats, 3 routes have been plotted in the Plassengebied, North, Central and South. The routes can be sailed separately but can also be combined or shortened.

North route

The Noordroute is on the north side of the Noordeinderplas and takes approximately 1.5 hours, this one starts at Nikano. The route goes for the most part through the most beautiful area of ​​Natuurmonumenten. The route can be linked to the Middle Route. Depending on how long you want to go, you can sail the yellow route in whole or in part.

Middle route

The Central Route takes approximately 2.5 hours. A part of the route goes over the Noordeinderplas and the southern part of this route goes through the area of ​​Natuurmonumenten and can be combined well with the northern part. It is also possible to shorten this route if, for example, you want to sail for 1 hour.

Sailing routes Roelofarendsveen

Sailing routes for canoe and supboard

Lovely a round of kayaking through the polders of Roelofarendsveen. Follow the 2-hour Tulip Route in which signs tell you in special places about inspiring facts, facts and anecdotes about the Veen polder and what makes the polder special.